Australian vehicle registration number plates

Directory of cars rego in alphabetical order.

Regos A00AA to A99ZZ

Regos B00AA to B99ZZ

Regos C00AA to C99ZZ

Regos D00AA to D99ZZ

Regos E00AA to E99ZZ

Regos F00AA to F99ZZ

Regos G00AA to G99ZZ

Regos H00AA to H99ZZ

Regos I00AA to I99ZZ

Regos J00AA to J99ZZ

Regos K00AA to K99ZZ

Regos L00AA to L99ZZ

Regos M00AA to M99ZZ

Regos N00AA to N99ZZ

Regos O00AA to O99ZZ

Regos P00AA to P99ZZ

Regos Q00AA to Q99ZZ

Regos R00AA to R99ZZ

Regos S00AA to S99ZZ

Regos T00AA to T99ZZ

Regos U00AA to U99ZZ

Regos V00AA to V99ZZ

Regos W00AA to W99ZZ

Regos X00AA to X99ZZ

Regos Y00AA to Y99ZZ

Regos Z00AA to Z99ZZ

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