Australian vehicle registration number plates

Directory of cars rego in alphabetical order.

Regos AA0000 to AZ9999

Regos BA0000 to BZ9999

Regos CA0000 to CZ9999

Regos DA0000 to DZ9999

Regos EA0000 to EZ9999

Regos FA0000 to FZ9999

Regos GA0000 to GZ9999

Regos HA0000 to HZ9999

Regos IA0000 to IZ9999

Regos JA0000 to JZ9999

Regos KA0000 to KZ9999

Regos LA0000 to LZ9999

Regos MA0000 to MZ9999

Regos NA0000 to NZ9999

Regos OA0000 to OZ9999

Regos PA0000 to PZ9999

Regos QA0000 to QZ9999

Regos RA0000 to RZ9999

Regos SA0000 to SZ9999

Regos TA0000 to TZ9999

Regos UA0000 to UZ9999

Regos VA0000 to VZ9999

Regos WA0000 to WZ9999

Regos XA0000 to XZ9999

Regos YA0000 to YZ9999

Regos ZA0000 to ZZ9999

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